How much creative can I actually get?

With a standard Shuttlerock360 license, you can submit one creative project at a time - with up to 10 creative deliverables per project including any mix of assets (i.e. videos, statics, banners) and platforms (i.e. Facebook, TikTok, Hulu, etc). As soon as that project is completed, a new brief can be submitted and will go into production right away. Standard project turnaround time is between 3-10 days.

How is the creative produced?

After you submit your brief, our team of 100+ art directors, designers, motion graphics artists, and QA specialists will get to work. Our entire creative team is made up of in-house Shuttlerock employees trained on digital creative best practices and following stringent internal processes - so your projects will be optimized, compliant, and on time.

How does the Shuttlerock platform work?

Our creative technology platform, ShuttlerockCloud, eliminates the hassles that normally come hand-in-hand with creative projects. Some of the best parts: easy question-and-answer style briefs, collaboration tools for streamlined revisions, and simple asset download and export tools, including directly to our platform partners like Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.