“I've had it up to here.”


Established in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Woonwear is a brand for the people who’ve had it up to here. Created by Daniel Woon, Woonwear’s purpose is about bringing an individual’s ideas // concepts and turning them into a physical entity for an audience to interpret in their own way.


Silk screen-printed by hand.

Woonwear’s signature Mood_Tee featuring the slogan "I've had it up to Here." aims to imbue a person’s mood whether negative, positive or neutral. The tee has recently been updated and is now available in a heavier construction, a boxier // relaxed fit, yet keeping to the original mock neck design.

A concept from the start.

The Knee_Deep series was originally teased when Woonwear initially launched. Now for its debut, the Knee_Deep jogger requires a 2:1 bleach solution that is used to completely bleach the lower part of the leg in a flame-like pattern and up to the knee. It has taken a while to perfect but with the first ever pair of Woonwear joggers being released in 2021 the Knee_Deep series begins.